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Linemen Climbing Equipment

Bashlin manufactures quality tool belts, pole straps, & climbers for the professional line worker. These products are designed for comfort & durability. We offer a variety of climbing products for workers ranging from apprentice to journeyman.

Climbing is serious business. We recommend that you properly care for, maintain, & inspect this equipment. Your personal safety depends on it.













To aid in product understanding, as well as proper use of these items, the following informational boxes and product application symbols are located with the product descriptions.

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  1. Q83H2D: Labrador "Tucson"

    Q83H2D: Labrador "Tucson"

    Starting at: $155.00

    Quick Lock Buckle. Learn More
  2. 83H2D: Labrador "Sierra"

    83H2D: Labrador "Sierra"

    Starting at: $182.10

    Nylon Reinforced Leather. Learn More
  3. 83BDH: Labrador "Lobo"

    83BDH: Labrador "Lobo"

    Starting at: $258.70

    Back-A-Line Technology. Learn More
  4. 81: Supporter Strap

    81: Supporter Strap

    Starting at: $57.80

    1 3/4" Leather Support Belt. Learn More
  5. 83: Detachable Rest-A-Back

    83: Detachable Rest-A-Back

    Starting at: $100.70

    Detachable Rest-A-Back. Learn More
  6. 83B: Back-A-Line Support Belt

    83B: Back-A-Line Support Belt

    Starting at: $116.00

    Back-A-Line Support Belt. Learn More
  7. 80HDS - Nylon Web Suspenders

    80HDS - Nylon Web Suspenders


    Nylon Web Suspenders Learn More
  8. 80: Sam Brown Suspenders

    80: Sam Brown Suspenders


    Classic Leather Sam Brown Suspenders. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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