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Q88BMX4DMP: BM Series

Modeled after Bashlin's Rest-A-Back and Hip Grip, this proven design offers excellent support

4- D Ring Belt

Made with moisture wicking nylon cushion

Quick Release Buckles


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Product Name D-Ring SizeWeight Price Qty
Q88BMX4DMP-D18 D187lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D19 D197lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D20 D207lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D21 D217lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D22 D227lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D23 D237lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D24 D247lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D25 D247lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D26 D267lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D27 D277lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D28 D287lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D29 D29 (Non-Cancellable & Non-Returnable)7lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D30 D30 (Non-Cancellable & Non-Returnable)7lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D31 D31 (Non-Cancellable & Non-Returnable)7lbs.
Q88BMX4DMP-D32 D32 (Non-Cancellable & Non-Returnable)7lbs.

Quick Overview

Proven Design with Excellent Support and Nylon Cushion

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