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77BCS Parts: Pole Lariat Parts


  • ·      77BCS-B-Replacement Bag (F).
  • ·      77BCS-Loopset-Replacement D-Loop Set (A).
  • ·      77BCS-YS-Small (D18-D22) Yellow Replacement D-Loops.
  • ·      77BCS-OM-Medium (D23-D27) Orange Replacement D-Loops.
  • ·      77BCS-RL-Large (D28-D32) Red Replacement D-Loops.
  • ·      77UL-Replacement Uniloop (B).
  • ·      77BCS-RH2-Replacement Hooks, Rivets, & DVD.
  • ·      77BCS-RHT2-Replacement Handles (D), Tabs (C&E), Rivets, Shrink Tube, & DVD.
  • ·      77BCS-TAB-Parking Tab (C), Rivets, Shrink Tube, & DVD.



  • Effective February 1st, 2019, the Pole Lariat will no longer be manufactured and will be discontinued.
  • This affects #77BCS and #77BCSA

  •  For product already in use, replacement components will continue to be available.

  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Availability: In stock

Product Name Weight Price Qty
77BCS-B: Replacement Bag .5lbs.
77BCS-Loopset: Replacement D-Loop Set 1.5lbs.
77BCS-YS: Small (D18-D22) Yellow Replacement Loops .5lbs.
77BCS-OM: Medium (D23-D27) Orange Replacement Loops .5lbs.
77BCS-RL: Large Red (D28-D32) Replacement Loops .5lbs.
77UL: Replacement Uniloop .5lbs.
77BCS-RH2: Replacement Hooks, Rivets, DVD .5lbs.
77BCS-RHT2: Replacement Handles, Tabs, Rivets, Shrink Tube, DVD 1lb.
77BCS-Tab: Parking Tab, Rivets, Shrink Tube, DVD .5lbs.

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Pole Lariat Parts.

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