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105 Series: Climber Pads

  • ·      Constructed from durable leather w/ a deep felt padding.
  • ·      FeaturesĀ a metal insert for climber shank control.
  • ·      Can be adjusted to fit your preferred position on the leg.
  • ·      Straps are NOT included.
  • ·      Replacement irons are available.
  • ·      Sold in pairs.


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Product Name Climber TypeIron OptionsWeight Price Qty
105A SteelStraight1.5lbs.
105AC SteelAngled1.5lbs.
105B AluminumStraight1.5lbs.
105BC AluminumAngled1.5lbs.
105K KleinStraight1.5lbs.
105KC KleinAngled1.5lbs.
105AR *Replacement Irons Only* SteelReplacement (Straight).7lbs.
105ACR *Replacement Irons Only* SteelReplacement (Angled).7lbs.
105BR *Replacement Irons Only* AluminumReplacement (Straight).7lbs.
105BCR *Replacement Irons Only* AluminumReplacement (Angled).7lbs.
105KR *Replacement Irons Only* KleinReplacement (Straight).7lbs.
105KCR *Replacement Irons Only* KleinReplacement (Angled).7lbs.

Quick Overview

Original "Spur-Stay" Metal Insert Pads.

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