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24HSC Series: Hot Stick Bags

  • ·      Constructed from coated polyester w/ a snap button closure.
  • ·      Bags are 4" wide w/ varying lengths depending on size of the hot stick.
  • ·      Other lengths are available, contact us for ordering information.


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Product Name MaterialLengthWeight Price Qty
24HSC-30 Coated Polyester30"1.25lbs.
24HSC-45 Coated Polyester45"1.25lbs.
24HSC-60 Coated Polyester60"2lbs.
24HSC-65 Coated Polyester65"2lbs.
24HSC-75 Coated Polyester75"2lbs.
24HSC-80 Coated Polyester80"2.5lbs.
24HSC-100 Coated Polyester100"3lbs.
24HSC-125 Coated Polyester125"3.75lbs.
24HSC-130 Coated Polyester130"4lbs.

Quick Overview

Coated Polyester Bag (30"-130" Long).

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