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Flex fit

Handlines, Slack Blocks and Parts

940 Series: Handlines


1/2" Polyale Plus™ braided rope is the standard rope for all 940 series handlines.

It is easily spliced and resists rotation under load.


940 includes 500 lb. SWL 35H drop forged alloy steel handline hook, SL6650A steel double locking snaphook, 75' of rope and premium block.

940R comes with a 35H hook, 75' of rope and steel snaphook.

940HD10 comes with an aluminum hook and aluminum snaphook - 1000 lb. SWL



*SWL = Safe working load

Part # Description Price Weight Qty


Complete Handline $362.80 8.75 lbs


Rope only with 35H Hook and snaphook $120.20 6.75 lbs


Handline with aluminum hook and aluminum snaphook $416.65 9 lbs