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View 146 Series Comfort Flex Climber Pads product info

Rescue Equipment

REST Series: Relief from Suspension Trauma Devices


Available in 3 device options:


  • Designed to mitigate the debilitating and potentially fatal effect of suspension trauma.
  • Ladder secures to the back attachment of the worker's harness for easy access and deployment.
  • Easily deploys by pulling on the yellow rung.


  • Simple and easy device designed to help minimize and alleviate the damaging and potentially fala effects of suspension trauma when a worker is exposed to a fall event and left suspended in an upright position.Easily

  • Attaches to most harnesses


  • Self-deploying relief system
  • Ladder can provide the worker a means for either self-rescue  or at the very least a place to relieve the pressure on the leg as a result of hanging in the harness for an extended period of time after a fall event.
  • Adjustable for use on 4'-6' lanyards
  • Can be used on most lanyards.


Part # Price Weight Qty


$33.05 1.2 lbs


$48.50 0.7 lbs


$65.05 1.2 lbs

Important Safety Information Bashlin BREQ Rev 2 1 21 Booklet